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Will Ferrell: Forensic Accountant

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For Leonardo DiCaprio, the dream is over but Will Ferrell may want to keep on sleeping if this is just a dream: after three weeks at #1 in movie ticket sales, DiCaprio’s “Inception” was dethroned by Ferrell’s forensic accountant comedy, “The Other Guys” this past weekend. Yes, a comedy-buddy-cop starring a forensic accountant sold over $35M in movie tickets. Who knew? Yeah, Forensic Accountant/Cop/Hero!

In real life, forensic accountants have an eye for detail and the persistence of a championship bloodhound to uncover and pursue a crime. In the movie, Ferrell, who was transferred from Forensic Accounting to the detectives squad, demonstrates both of those key personality traits by solving a crime which the two hot shot, hunky headline grabbing cops can’t even begin to understand: the potential theft of a very large pile of money in a corporate Ponzi scheme. (You may want to explain to your friends BEFORE the movie what a Ponzi scheme is so that they understand the con.)..."
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