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Lost and Foundering? Why we (probably) won't repeat Japan's infamous "lost decade."

"To a growing number of observers, the current recession is beginning to look like something much worse than 1973 or 1981. It shares key hallmarks of the recent Great Stagnation in Japan — the "lost decade" of the 1990s, an... Read more →

The Snowball - Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

Warren Buffett is “everyman” as multibillionaire. Despite his vast wealth, he has always eschewed ostentation. He pays himself about $100,000 annually, which in today’s U.S. economy places him in the upper-middle-class. He lives in the same simple Omaha, Nebraska, house... Read more →

Why a Revised Approach to M&A Due Diligence is Key

"Traditional approaches to M&A due diligence may allow vital issues in today’s cross-border M&A environment to fall through the cracks, potentially giving acquirers an incomplete, and possibly faulty, view of the deal landscape. In some cases, basic information required to... Read more →