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Hot college courses? Make room for personal finance

"Every college has one. I’m talking about that one course that’s so quirky and popular that almost nobody gets to actually take it. Once those precious few seats are filled and registration closes, the course almost becomes an urban legend.... Read more →

Five critical skills you need in turbulent times @MACPA

"Everyone agrees that these are turbulent times we are living through. The question is how to do survive when everything is changing so fast? The answer is: Learn hang gliding! Hang gliding was the metaphor we used to capture the... Read more →

AICPA Opens Financial Planner Portal @AICPANews @finplan

"The American Institute of CPAs has opened a PFP Practice Portal for CPAs who are interested in becoming personal financial planners and earning the AICPA’s Personal Financial Specialist credential. The portal is also open to the public. “The strategy here... Read more →