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"Last June, I raised a few eyebrows when I told attendees at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio (aka Rio+20) that "accountants would save the world." But I meant it. To get all businesses involved in solving... Read more →

AICPA Launches IFRS Certificate Program

photo via www.cpalinks.com "The AICPA has long taken a leadership role in promoting the goal of one set of high-quality globally accepted accounting standards among public companies worldwide and readying U.S. CPAs for use of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).... Read more →

Sooooo... Does This Mean the CPA Exam is Off? | Jr Deputy Accountant

by Adrienne Gonzalez, Jr. Deputy Accountant First, I guess we should get the background. The U.S. CPA designation has long been one of prestige and international candidates have been heading here to take their exams for as long as they've... Read more →